Welcome to the website for Avon Coders! We're a group of computer coders from Avon, Montana

2022-2023 Workshops
October 13th & 27thLesson 1: Hello Turtle
November 10thLesson 2: Drawing Squares using Variables
December 1stLesson 3: Making a draw_square() Command
January 25thLesson 4: Review

2021-2022 Workshops
September 23rdEditing Pictures with Code
October 28thBasic Game Programming
November 18thNesting & Logic Practice, More Games
December 15thProgramming Drum Loops
February 3rdPython Workout
February 24thData Mining
March 24thCode Combat
March 24thDrawing Snowmen
May 24thSpecial Topic: HTML
2020-2021 Workshops
NovemberIntro to coding, visual programming fun
DecemberImmersive coding: building a gift exchange
JanuaryTurtle programming: code sequence and variables
FebruaryTurtle programming: loops and functions
AprilRoll the Dice: Probability and Decisions
MaySpecial Topic: How are passwords stolen?